Where do I Upload files?  When ordering a job, after you complete the online quote and click add to order you are taken to the upload files page.  Follow these directions:

  1. Select your files

Click the Browse button to locate your file. Select your file and then click the Open button. The file will automatically appear in the My files section. (If you need to, you can click view to see your files.)

  1. Upload your file

Click the upload button and wait for the upload to process. This could take several minutes depending on the file size. Please do not navigate away from the page during the upload. After all files are uploaded click submit and continue to finish the ordering process.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

Please upload only PDF Files with Crop Marks, Bleeds, and all Fonts embedded. When you go to save your PDF file select "X1A" .PDF as the file type. All pages of the booklet should be in one PDF file. The grey button is for files under 100MB. The button above is for files over 100MB. Please upload only PDF Files with Crop Marks and Bleeds. All pages of the booklet should be in one PDF file.
Upload File(s)
Select Artwork File
Drag a file here


Use the button below if you are not ready to upload your artwork file. You can upload your artwork file later after completing this order. Log into "my account" and select this "order". If you have used the grey "select artwork file" button and uploaded a file this button will not work. You have to delete your uploaded artwork file first.