When you are on the first page of the product you want to order you can choose the production speed that will fit your time frame and you can also select the shipping speed that will help your order arrive faster.

The website will automatically calculate the total price with shipping and an expected due date. If for some reason you need help or need your project faster than the available options please contact us. We are here to help you.

If your total price is coming up as $0.00 or a very low price when you select 1-2 day emergency please contact us. We will try to help you, so you can receive your project on-time.

We are generally willing and able to help out with rush projects. Contact us if you need help.

Tel:(203) 513-8214

If you send us (upload) a print ready file and you want the images, text, grahics, photos, borders, etc. to run off the edge of the page (so no white is showing on the edge) and you did not create the file with an extra 1/8" (,125) bleed...

We only have two options. We can enlarge each page a little so that we have the required 1/8" bleed or we can shrink each page a little and add a white border on each page. When we print booklets (like every other printing company) we print on oversize paper and then trim them down to final size. We NEED extra bleed so that no white paper shows on the edges.

If we enlarge each page, keep in mind that everything that is close to the edge (within 1/8"- 1/4") has the chance to get cut off.

When it comes to adding bleed to a booklet file, the standard recommendation is to include a bleed area of 1/8"  0.125 inches (or 3 mm) on all sides of each page. Bleed refers to the extra space beyond the final trim size of the page to ensure that when the booklet is printed and trimmed, there are no white borders or unwanted unprinted edges.

To add bleed to your booklet file, follow these steps:

  1. Open your document in a design or layout software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or a similar program.
  2. Set up your document with the correct page size and margins.
  3. Extend your document canvas or artboard size by adding the bleed value to each side. For example, if your final trim size is 8.5 x 11 inches, your document size with bleed should be 8.75 x 11.25 inches.
  4. Ensure that all important elements (text, images, backgrounds) extend into the bleed area, ideally reaching the edge of the extended canvas.
  5. Save your file, preferably in a print-ready PDF format, making sure to include the bleed settings. 1/8" .125

When you create a booklet, the file always has to have 8 or more pages. in multiples of 4 pages.

Think of it this way: When take a single sheet of paper and fold it in half, it now has 4 sides (4 pages), when you add another sheet of paper that is 8 pages. Add another sheet and it is now 12 pages, and so on...

You can have blank pages in your booklet if you want, but they still need to be part of your file and the file will always be in multiples of 4 pages. 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 36, etc.

The most popular places for blank pages (if they need to be added to your file) are:

Inside front cover

Inide back cover

Outside back cover.

The first step in uploading your file is preparing it properly. We prefer one pdf file that contains all of the pages in your booklet/magazine/catalog as single pages. The first page should be the front cover and go all the way through to the outside back cover. If you have muiltiple files and you want to send all of them, follow the instructions below.

On the second page of the website while ordering you will be prompted to upload your file. Select the file (from your computer) that you would like to upload and then click the upload button.

The upload button/box is set up as a default for files under 150MB.

In order to upload files OVER 150mb click bluish box/ button once and then you will be able to use the same button/box below to upload large files over 150mb.

To save separate files into one compressed (zipped) folder for uploading; follow these instructions:

  • Select the files (hold down the shift key to select multiple files) -> Right Click -> Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder. You will upload that zipped folder.

If you are having trouble uploading your file there are many different reasons why this can be happening.

These are the most common reasons:

You do not have a fast internet connection.

The upload button/box is for files under 150MB and your file is over 150MB

In order to upload files OVER 150mb click bluish box/ button above once and then you will be able to use the same upload button/box  to upload large files. over 150mb

If you are still having trouble, you can use the "upload file later" button and proceed with your order without uploading a file.

Once you have placed your order you will immediately receive an automated email with an order #. You can then email us a link to download your file via any file transfer program such as DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.

Please reference your name and order # so we can match up the file to the order.

This is a simple answer: The more you order, the lower the cost per item.

The higher quantities take into account the efficiencies of printing a lot at the same time. The more you order the cheaper they cost each.

Design Pro Tip: Allow at least 3/8" of clear space on the spine side of the page for the binding holes to fit comfortably. Anything closer than 3/8" from the edge of the paper will get holes punched into it. 

When you are setting up your print files for a booklet please put the pages in the same order as the book reads. Start with the front cover, then inside front cover, then page 1, then page 2, all the way to the outside back cover.

For saddle stitched or Squareback binding always use multiples of 4 pages.  8, 12, 16, 20, 24, etc... These types of binding need multiples of 4 pages in order to bing properly.

Each SHEET of paper when folded in half has four sides (four pages)

Yes, we are a full service mailing company. We will need to know if you want to use Pre-Sorted First Class, Pre-Sorted Standard, or Pre-sorted Non profit postage rates and we will need a properly formatted mailing list. We charge a mailing fee plus actual USPS postage costs. All lists are procesed with our sophisticated mailing software and checked for address verification/undeliverable addreses. Each list is CASScertified and NCOAcertified. We are able to achieve the lowest possible postage rates available. We use our indicia for bulk mailings If you want to mail using Non Profit protage rates we will need your Non Profit USPS authorization number.

Please contcat us for further details.

Tel:(203) 847-8454 

We have designed our website and the prices to be very competitive with other online printing companies. We generally DONT use any special discount codes or promos to lower our prices.

We believe that if you compare or standard prices with other online printers that are offering huge discounts and special offers (gimmicks) that our prices are lower.

Our service and quality are better than everyone elses.

We may not be the biggest, but we are definately the best!

After you complete the ordering process by uploading your file and paying, we will get a notification that a new order has been placed. You will also immediately receive an automated email with all of the details of your order. If you did not upload your artwork/print file during the ordering process you will also receive an email asking you to "upload artwork".

Once we have received the order we will download your artwork/print file. After it is downloaded we do a quick scan of the file to see if we notice any obvious preliminary issues. If we do spot issues, we will notify you about our findings.

If we do not see any obvious issues your order will move to our pre-press dept to have the print file processed with our pre-flight and Fiery Rip software. Minor issues with the file will be fixed at N/C,. Large issues will be brought to the customers (your) attention. We will look for and suggest possible options to correct whatever issues we discover.

Once your proof is prepared we will upolad it to the website. You will receve an automated email alerting you that you have a proof available to APPROVE or REJECT.

Once you download and review your proof you will have the option to approve or reject it.

If you approve the proof, your order will move into production. You will receive an automated email with the details of your order.

If your proof approval took longer than 1 day (with the original file) the expected due date is automatically updated to allow enough production and shipping time.

If you reject your proof you will be able to leave a comment as to why you are rejecting it. You will also be able to upload a new corrected file. Each additional new file will incurr a $25.00 charge. If you believe that we made a mistake to your file/proof, please let us know what is wrong. There is no additional charge for us to fix our own mistakes.  Once you submit your new file we will process it again and start the pre-flight / proofing process over again.

Squareback binding is very similar to saddle stitched binding in how it is produced (two staples) and how it functions (lays flat). The advantages of Squareback binding are that the books have a nice square edge spine, they will look more professional, they will stack up neatly, and not "pop" open like saddle stitched booklets do.

Squareback binding looks very similar to Perfect Binding (glued) but it uses two staples and will open up and lay flat on a table. Perfect binding will not lay flat and needs to be held open the entire time you are reading it. 

Squareback binding cost only pennies per book more that saddle stitching so it is a great way to make your project look very professional for very little $$

Our software will butt the front and back cover images together to meet in the middle of the spine just like a saddle stitched booklet.

On larger books (80 pages or more) the spine is generally large enough 1/8" - 5/16" - 1/4" to add something to the spine***

***Extra charges may be involved***

We will need a separate spine file if you would like to print something on the spine.

The spine of a Squareback booklet can have words printed on it, but the booklet needs to be at least 1/8 to 3"16" thick before it is practical.

Our software will butt the front and back cover images together to meet in the middle of the spine just like a saddle stitched booklet if you do not supply a separate spine file.

On larger books (80 pages or more) the spine is generally large enough 1/8" - 5/16" - 1/4" -3/8" to add something to the spine***

***Extra charges may be involved***

We will need a separate spine file if you would like to print something on the spine.

There is 4" in between the inside edges of the staples (clear space) and the staples are each 5/8" .625 long.

That leaves approximately 2.75" of clear space on the outside edges of the spine on each side.

The type of paper used on this website are expressed in weight. In the U.S. system it is Pound (lb) and referred to with a # sign.

The paper used for general office use is typically between (#20 to #80 text) and is called paper or TEXT stock. Text stock is used for the inside of booklets, magazines, journals, etc.

Any paper heavier than this is considered card or COVER stock, i.e. the paper used for the outside of booklets, magazines, and also used on business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc. This type of paper is generally #80 to #120 cover stock

If you are not happy with your proof, you should reject the proof on the website. Then, you will have the option to make adjustments or corrections to your print file and re-upload a new file.

Each new file that you submit (after the first one) and we have to process will incurr a $25.00 fee. This will be added to your account as a "Payment Request" and you will be required to pay before we ship your order.

If you believe that we made a mistake to your file/proof, please let us know what is wrong. There is no additional charge for us to fix our own mistakes. 

Coated papers are generally available in two finishes – glossy (shiny and smooth) and matte/dull (low sheen and lusterless). Coated glossy papers are suitable for almost all types of printing jobs. Glossy papers print and reproduce very well, which is important for creating sharp, bright, clean images, printed text, and graphics.

Matte / Dull coated finishes also print very well, but the images will not "pop" as much off the sheet and look more subdued. Many people prefer this "matte" look and it is becoming more popular.

Uncoated papers print well and are suitable for many types of projects. These papers have no sheen whatsoever and the printing will be somewhat dull and subdued. Many types of jobs are suited for uncoated stock and it has a unique look and feel that some people prefer. In the past, almost all business cards were produced on uncoated cover. (copy paper is an example of uncoated paper)

Regardless of what paper you choose you can be sure that our equipment can print on it well and we will uphold the highest quality standards when producing your project.

All of the papers offered on this website are made with recycled content.

If you need help deciding which paper to choose please contact us prior to placing your order.

Tel:(203) 847-8454 

Most projects ordered through this website will be printed on one of our high quality digital presses. At our discretion we may also print your project on an offset press. Whatever is the most efficient and cost effective way.

Our system supports RGB (red, green, blue) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) for producing printing. However CMYK is the preferred way to set your files as most of the jobs ordered from this website will print in 4 color process CMYK on our digital presses. RGB colors can sometimes be out of the range that modern digital equipment is able to reproduce with an exact match. If you have a specific PMS color you are trying to match, please set the color to Pantone spot and tell us what color you are trying to match. If you have questions about setting up your files properly please contact us prior to uploading your file.

There are times when an order that was placed needs to be modified either by customer request or if we discover an error. If the change to the order requires an additional payment we will add a "Payment Request" to the order.

You will receive an automated email with instructions on how to log in to your account and pay with a credit card or debit card.

You should log in and pay ASAP so your order does not get delayed.

Yes, the prices that you see once you have entered in the exact specifications of your project and the correct shipping info, our system will calculate the final cost of your job. You can upload your print ready files and pay by credit card in the same session. There are no hidden fees or charges.

The only possible exception to the above is: If your order requires changes, additional proofs, or changes to the shipping speed. We will contact you will the changes to your order and add a "payment request" to your order if the changes result in a higher cost.

Most of the orders we process do not incurr any additional charges. If you have questions or concerns you can get in touch with us via our "Contact US" button on our home page, call us, email us, or chat with us

Tel:(203) 513-8214

An 8.5 x 11" file will not reduce proportionally to 5.5 x 8.5"

The 8.5" dimension needs to go to 5.5", that is a 64% reduction in size.

The 11" dimension needs to go to 8.5", that is a 77% reduction in size.

As you can see the reduction size is not the same, so in order to reduce your file to 5.5 x 8.5" we would have to distort the artwork (stretch one dimension and shrink the other.) It can make things look very strange. One option (other than sending us the artwork at the size of the book you want) is for us to reduce the book to a custom size 6.5" x 8.5". We can reduce your 8.5 x 11" artwork 77% and it will be 6.5" x 8.5" that is with NO distortion. In general that size book is $50.00 more than the prices on the website for standard 8.5 x 11"

To View, Print or Download your Invoice:

Log into your account. Under the "My Account" drop down menu select "Orders". Once you are on the Orders page select the "Invoice" button, then use your browsers Print or Download function.

You can view and print these even if you havent paid yet.

 To View or Print the  Payment Request details of your order:

Log into your account. Under the "My Account" drop down menu select "Orders". Once you are on the Orders page select "View Details" button, then select the "Payment Request" tab. Use your browsers Print menu to print this page for your records.

Our preferred file type is a pdf. We like files that are set up in the following way: Makes sure all images, fonts and grahics are embedded and the file is saved with crop marks and bleeds (when applicable). Save the file as high resolution for print as a.PDF file with all pages in one document. All pages of a book should be in the order they will print in. Page 1 is the outside front cover, page 2 is the inside front cover, page 3 is the first page on the right, and so on.... For more information on how to set up your files properly you can read our  "File Setup & Artwork Guidelines"  page at the top of our home page.  We also have  design templates available in many popular programs at the top of our home page. currently has 26 popular print categories on our site, but we have the capability to produce many other types of custom projects. (just ask us) We have new high tech digital printing equipment that we have spent considerable amounts of time researching and money on. We are confident in our knowledge, employees, and our machines to produce the finest printed products available anywhere. Give us a try and see for yourself why we get so many 5-Star reviews.

The website was specifically created to offer Booklet, Catalog, Magazine, and Program printing services to everyone in the USA. We have been in business for 34 years and collectively the owners and employees have hundreds of years’ experience producing high-quality commercial printing. We have now purchased our sixth digital printing press. This new digital press is the latest technology available and has an inline booklet making system with our exclusive Squareback binding. It is 100% fully automated and produces booklets with amazing quality and speed. We load the paper in one end, push the start button and high quality finished booklets come out the other end. There is no better machine on the planet that can match the quality, speed, and versatility of this digital printing press. With the winning combination of our new digital printing press, our years of experience, our fast production schedule, our wide range of products, our low prices, our high-quality work, instant quoting system, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and one-day ground shipping to all of New England, we cannot be beaten. Simply go to one of our product pages, select the exact specs of your project from the drop down menus, receive an instant price quote, upload your artwork, enter your shipping information, complete the payment and your order is put into production and then on its way to being ready and delivered to you.

Our website will currently accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal for instant ordering and payments. Paypal has a payment option where you can make monthly payments instead of paying all at once. We can accept check/ ACH payments, but you will need to contact us before placing an order.

Recently we have been asked by a few schools and non-profit companies to pay by check or ACH with a "purchase order". Usually this can be arranged, but you would have to contcat us in order to use this method. We will need your company to provide credit details so we can process a credit application.

You would have to create an account on the website. Then the order would have to placed into your account by one or the BPUSA staff . Then your company or organization can send us a check or ACH for payment. Please understand that in most circumstances we will not start printing/production or ship your order until we have received the check or ACH payment. Please contact us for further details.

***SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW*** The due date / delivery date of your order is calculated when you plcae your order, but it gets recalculated once you approve your proof.

The production time and shipping time necessary to schedule and complete your order is calculated after you approve your proof because we cant control how long it may take to get a print ready file approved. Our systems assumes that your proof will be approved withing 4 business hours of when you place your order.

***If you need your project to arrive on a specific due date please contact us and discuss this with us. We are usually able to deliver projects when our customers need them.***

Tel:(203) 847-8454 

This is the way our website ordering process works.

Once you complete the ordering process by uploading your files and paying, the order shows up on the website with an order number and due date. We print out a job ticket and download you file. We will then look at your files and do our pre0flight / pre-press process. When we are done with the processing of your files we will upload a proof to your account on the website.

All of this will not talke place unless you place a paid order.

By using Best Printing USA as your print provider you save time, money, and we are hassle-free. We carefully check every print file that comes in and we either fix any issues or alert you to problems that we have found. We never ship your order unless we believe it is 100% exactly what you want. We have perfected the process of online ordering and processing your order. We have been in business for 33 years and we have hundreds of years experience collectively in the industry. We can be relied upon to produce a high-quality product, at low prices, and deliver it on time. We are your partner in business and a valuable resource.